Our scope of the Conformity Assessment

As Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials, those which are particularly likely to cause hazards because of their structures, methods of use, or other conditions, including

(i) Product used for long time without supervision,

(ii) Product used by the socially vulnerable, and

(iii) Product used in direct contact with the human body, have been designated.

Supplier of Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials have legal responsibility to have their conformity double-checked by a third-party body registered with the government (registered conformity assessment body) to fulfill the obligation to conform to Technical Requirements in Article 8, paragraph (1) of the Act.

JECTEC is registered as a third-party inspection body and providing conformity assessment of electric wire and cables, which is categorized as Specified Electrical Appliance and materials under Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (Den An Law) of Japan.

Guide for the conformity assessmenthttp://www.jectec.or.jp/image/g-image/data-pdf.gif


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