Application Forms  

Following documents shall be submitted to request conformity assessment


1. Application Form for conformity assessment

For Overseas Manufacturer


2. Declaration form for Type Classification

  Select appropriate form for your product

For the Rubber Insulated Cables

For the Plastic Insulated Cables

Rubber insulated wire

Plastic insulated wire

Rubber insulated cable

Plastic insulated cable

Single core rubber insulated cord

Single core PVC insulated cord

Twisted rubber insulated cord

Twisted PVC insulated cord

Textile braided rubber insulated cord

Textile braided PVC insulated cord

Round braided rubber insulated cord

Round braided PVC insulated cord

Other rubber cord

Other PVC insulated cord

Rubber cab tire cord

Single-core polyethylene insulated cords

Rubber sheathed rubber insulated cab tire cable

Other polyethylene insulated cord

PVC sheathed rubber insulated cab tire cable

Single-core polyolefin insulated cords


Other polyolefin insulated cord


Plastic insulated cab tire cord


Tinsel cords


PVC cab tire cable


Flame retardant polyolefin cab tire cable


3. Marking of the product

Declaration form for marking on specified electrical appliance product  


4. List of test equipment

Required for each factory

Form for the list of the testing equipment required by PSE law      


5. Power of attorney

Necessary when applying by an agent

Form for the list of the testing equipment required by PSE law


6. Structure, materials and specification of the test sample

Please submit a document about test sample, which represents declared type classification of the product.

Following information of the test sample submitted should be included in this document

1) Outline of the structure of the test sample

2) Materials of each part

3) Nominal voltage

4) Commercial name or model

5) Figure of the cross section of the test sample

No particular format. Any format is accepted.


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